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NVORA Receives NV OHV Grant For 2024

The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles held its first meeting of the year on January 31st to evaluate the 2023 Winter Grant Applicants for the NV OHV program.

Ten applicants, including representatives from the motorized community, municipal leadership, and law enforcement across the state, presented their proposals. For more information on the applicants and the process, click here.

The NV OHV program, underpinned by the registration of OHVs, aims to foster safe and responsible offroad activities. The grants, derived from OHV registrations, fund off-highway vehicle-related projects, including trail enhancement, mapping, signage, law enforcement, education, safety training, restoration, and other initiatives that enrich the offroad user experience.

A notable part of the NV Offroad Association’s (NVORA) budget is financed through this program. Post the successful grant application presentation, NVORA is pleased to announce that it secured its full 2024 funding.

This funding will enable NVORA to continue serving the Nevada offroad community by supporting various initiatives, including attending club meetings & education events, coordinating trail clean-ups, assisting organizations with permit applications for events, attending public hearings on special projects affecting our trails and riding areas, and improving signing and mapping to name a few initiatives.

NVORA extends its appreciation to the OHV Commissioners, the review committee, and everyone involved in the review and selection process, and pledges to continue its efforts in engaging with the Nevada offroad community and keeping public lands open for motorized recreation.

It is NVORA’s goal to continue doing our important work in connecting with YOU – the Nevada offroad community, the enthusiasts, and the people doing the on-the-ground work, the clubs, and our rural communities.

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