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OHV Summit 2022

The Nevada Offroad Association hosted the 2022 Nevada Offroad Summit in Minden, NV, on October 12 – 14, 2022, at the Carson Valley Inn. The 3-day OHV Summit allowed users of Nevada’s vast, open space the opportunity to visit, meet face-to-face, participate in discussion forums, and learn about other offroaders in the silver state.

The 2022 OHV Summit was a huge success, and the Nevada Offroad Association would like to thank everyone that attended and helped support the event.

OHV Summit 2023

Sept. 20 – 22, 2023 • Tonopah, NV

The 2023 Nevada Offroad Summit will be held September 20 – 22, in Tonopah, Nevada. The 3-day OHV Summit is designed to bring all stakeholders in motorized outdoor recreation together to share the concerns of all offroaders. It is a networking opportunity for the community to put faces to names and more.

The OHV Summit also affords grant recipients the opportunity to present on their projects, their successes, any hurdles encountered while achieving their goals. The Summit also breathes new life into older ideas and helps promote funding opportunity to those ideas.

Best of all? This is a FREE event that is hosted by the Nevada Offroad Association (registration is required).

Check back in June for full registration details and detailed scheduling.


Limited table space is available during the conference for clubs, industry, land managers, tourism, and communities to participate. Please contact the Nevada Offroad Association for display details during open registration.

If your group would like to present to the participants, please use the form available during open registration to suggest topics you would like to discuss and a brief description of your organization.

What Is The OHV Summit?

The Nevada Offroad Summit is a 3-day event, hosted by the Nevada Offroad Association, designed to bring all stakeholders in motorized outdoor recreation together to share the concerns of all offroaders.

When Can I Register?

Check back in June for full registration details and an updated 2023 Summit Schedule.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Check back in June for additional details on what you can bring and what to expect during our Summit.

Summit Schedule

2022 Schedule Shown Below
(2023 Schedule Pending)

Wednesday – the event kicked off with presentations by the Nevada Offroad Association, Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Program, and the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, followed by Nevada Tourism.

Thursday – we hosted a moderated questions and answers forum with the senior leadership of Nevada Public Lands, followed by an afternoon Offroad Day Ride into the Pine Nut Mountains.

Friday – we opened up with a round table discussion for the elected leaders and managers of Nevada’s communities to discuss their offroad perspectives and challenges and successes in their home dirt. The round table discussion was followed by presentations from groups that participated in the NV OHV grant program on behalf of their projects, OHV Clubs, industries, and offroad businesses. Discussions included offroad products, project successes, and hurdles that those presenters have here in Nevada.