Nevada Offroad Association

Programs & Initiatives

NVORA Programs & Initiatives

Looking to enhance the Nevada OHV motorized recreational experience? NVORA is here to help by supporting projects and initiatives that will continue to improve the offroad riding opportunities in the state. We are currently working on a range of programs and initiatives designed to make a positive impact. If you have an OHV-related program or initiative that you think would align with NVORA’s goals, we would love to hear from you. Simply send us an email with your contact information and details, and let’s work together to make Nevada the ultimate offroad destination.

NV OHV Youth helmet Program

NVORA has teamed up with Tread Lightly!, Renown Children’s Hospital, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), NV Outdoor School (NOS), Axel Offroad USA, Arevia Power, and the University Medical Center (UMC) creating the Nevada OHV Youth Program.

NVORA/Fox Factory Trail Trust Program

NVORA received a grant through the Trail Trust Program to support stewardship project efforts throughout Nevada. We are turning these funds around and putting them back in the dirt.