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About Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA)

The Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA) has been created for and by offroad riders. NVORA was formed to specifically fill the void between the government managers and the rest of us who actively recreate in the Silver State. NVORA does this by maintaining a consistent, durable, and respected relationship with all stakeholders while facilitating a cooperative environment amongst our community.

NVORA is able to assist your group with securing the funding for projects that will continue to improve the Nevada motorized recreational experience.

NVORA Board Members

Mathew Giltner

Executive Director

Mathew brings a lifetime of motorized offroad recreational experience to the Nevada Offroad Association. From his earliest days as a teenager snowmobiling the northeast, and as an adult whitewater kayaking across the nation, racing airplanes, or desert riding on two and four wheels, the one common theme to all of these pursuits is the ability to access your Public Lands.

After finishing his career with the United States Coast Guard his focus turned to take those skills in perseverance and thoroughness to improving, protecting, and advocating for everyone’s right to use the lands set aside for all Americans.

No matter your recreational discipline, all users have adversaries to their specific interests. He believes it is by constructive transparent engagement with stakeholders, encouraging the growth of the traditional clubs, and ensuring the government meets the standard they are tasked with, that motorized offroad recreation is best protected.

Mathew serves as the national director of OneVoice for Motorized Recreation, an advisory position on the Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association, and is a member of every single traditional offroad club in Nevada.

You can reach him at Mathew@TrailNV.com or just wait a few days, he is likely going to be near you soon.

Kim Murcia

Associate Director, Government Liason

Kim brings a wide range of natural resource, recreation, and tourism management experience to the Nevada Offroad Association. Starting on the east coast as a young active skier and curious aquatic ecologist, she later headed west to continue playing outdoors whitewater kayaking, mountaineering, and hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. She built her professional career around her love of the outdoors researching and managing water quality and recreation resources, advocating for rural agriculture, and making sure that her work requires her to engage 4WD frequently.

After a combined 20 years of federal service with the United States Coast Guard search and rescue, Army Corps of Engineers water quality research, and United States Forest Service recreation management, she has returned to the work she finds most rewarding – working directly with communities and volunteers by participating in strategic planning, representing community voices, building strong networks, and completing quality projects.

Kim’s priority has always been to proactively support communities and how they interact with the Public Lands where they work and play.

You can reach her at Kim@TrailNV.com.

NVORA Domestic Nonprofit Corporation Charter

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