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About Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA)

The Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA) has been created for and by offroad riders. NVORA was formed to specifically fill the void between the government managers and the rest of us who actively recreate in the Silver State. NVORA does this by maintaining a consistent, durable, and respected relationship with all stakeholders while facilitating a cooperative environment amongst our community.

NVORA is able to assist your group with securing the funding for projects that will continue to improve the Nevada motorized recreational experience.

NVORA Board Members

Mathew Giltner

Executive Director

Mathew brings a lifetime of motorized offroad recreational experience to the Nevada Offroad Association. From his earliest days as a teenager snowmobiling the northeast, and as an adult whitewater kayaking across the nation, racing airplanes, or desert riding on two and four wheels, the one common theme to all of these pursuits is the ability to access your Public Lands.

After finishing his career with the United States Coast Guard his focus turned to take those skills in perseverance and thoroughness to improving, protecting, and advocating for everyone’s right to use the lands set aside for all Americans.

No matter your recreational discipline, all users have adversaries to their specific interests. He believes it is by constructive transparent engagement with stakeholders, encouraging the growth of the traditional clubs, and ensuring the government meets the standard they are tasked with, that motorized offroad recreation is best protected.

Mathew serves as the national director of OneVoice for Motorized Recreation, an advisory position on the Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association, and is a member of every single traditional offroad club in Nevada.

You can reach Mathew at Mathew@TrailNV.com or just wait a few days, he is likely going to be near you soon.

Alexis Nelson

Associate Director

Alexis Nelson has 25 years of professional management experience in motorized recreation. Before she made this her career, Alexis grew up snowmobiling, four-wheeling, hiking, and camping in the snowbelt of western NY. After working as a seasonal for the Forest Service and the NYS Department of Parks and Recreation, she settled in Vermont where she managed the oldest nonprofit private snowmobile organization in the country. During her tenure, she provided testimony to the US Congressional Natural Resources Committee on outdoor recreational opportunities, served as the Chair of the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators, and worked with industry and policy makers on state and national legislation. Alexis has worked on numerous OHV related projects, connecting resources, people, and perspectives, providing action-based solutions in managing and protecting motorized use on public and private lands. She helped facilitate and write the BLM’s Motorized Action Plan for Nevada. Alexis lives in Reno with her husband and two kids, and is honored to be part of the Nevada Offroad Community.

You can reach Alexis at Alexis@trailnv.com

Laura Hardesty Butcher

Representing National Organizations And Industry

As the Nevada Program Manager, Laura creates and fosters relationships with the land managers that allow for the implementation of Tread Lightly!’s stewardship, education, and outreach programs.

Laura went to the University of Alaska- Fairbanks, earning a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management. Throughout her career she has spent time as a firefighter/paramedic in many areas of Nevada, including wildland fire experience.

She has served as the CEO of VORRA (Valley Off Road Race Association). She and her husband have been longtime racers and volunteers with VORRA, and many other race organizations, and has gained a great deal of knowledge through the process, giving her a strong background in areas of land management and local government districts within the state of Nevada.

Laura has also competed in the Rebelle Rally twice and continues to enjoy opportunities to participate in other offroad events. Laura and her husband BJ have a strong background in the offroad community, and together they received a nomination for an ORMHOF impact award in 2019.

When she’s not working, Laura enjoys family outings whether it be camping trips or off-roading with her husband, daughter, and their dogs.

You can reach Laura at laurahardesty@hotmail.com

Sue Baker

Representing The OHV / ATV Users

Sue grew up on a dairy farm in Upstate New York just south of Buffalo. That is where she first learned to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, as well as motorized vehicles including tractors, four wheelers, and snowmobiles. She moved to Southern Nevada in 1987 and worked first as an engineering technician for the Las Vegas Valley Water District and then Clark County as an analyst in the County Commissioners office, offering assistance to disgruntled residents with county processes, assisting with zoning applications, and helping formulate policies and procedures. She had offices in Overton as well as the northwest portion of Las Vegas, working with local, state, and federal agencies on a variety of issues. She served as a member and vice chair of the State of Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Commission for six years, representing the Nevada Association of Counties until her retirement in 2020. Sue has lived in Overton on and off since 1996, and has valued the opportunities that area provides for off-road enthusiasts.

You can reach Sue at suebaker.lv@gmail.com

Jeff Laughter

Representing The Motorcycle Users

You can reach Jeff at jjlaughter@citlink.net

NVORA Domestic Nonprofit Corporation Charter

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