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NV OHV Youth Helmet Program

NVORA has teamed up with Tread Lightly!, Renown Children’s Hospital, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), NV Outdoor School (NOS), Axel Offroad USA, Arevia Power, and the University Medical Center (UMC) creating the Nevada OHV Youth Program.

The objective of the NV OHV Youth Education program is to encourage and emphasize the importance of wearing protective gear while operating an OHV. This approach has the power to positively impact the next generation of riders with a strong understanding of the importance of personal protection gear. Not only does this provide you with the protection in the event of an accident, but It also reduces the risk of brain injuries by 88%. This is where our partnership with Renown and UMC comes into play. We want you to be safe and arrive home injury free!

The excitement of exploring Nevada’s expansive landscape and the remote nature of many trails emphasizes the need for preparedness. By taking appropriate measures, we are encouraging riders to prioritize safety before embarking on their next adventure in Nevada. Our number one goal is to prepare our kids to hit the dirt safely and responsibly.

We have several onsite education events happening around the state this year. All offroaders are welcome and encouraged to bring their children and opportunity to get a free helmet.

It is our mission to promote a culture of safety within the NV OHV Youth Community by getting more lids on kids.

2024 Free OHV
Youth Helmet Events

(Information subject to change)

April 29, 2024
Virginia City Grand Prix
Times & Dates To Be Announced
at Storey County Sheriff’s Department Offroad Unit at 205 S. C St. Virginia City, NV 89440