Nevada Offroad Association

Programs & Initiatives

NVORA/Fox Factory Trail Trust Program

NVORA received a grant through the Fox Factory Trail Trust program and distributed these funds back into the NV dirt for ten stewardship projects throughout the state.  Grant awards ranged from $500 – $1000 depending on the type, level, and applicant’s organization in the Nevada Offroad community. The funds were earmarked for OHV project work in making a positive improvement towards a trail related project, public lands clean-up event, or something relevant to keeping public lands open for responsible recreation by the motorized offroad community.

The following organizations received grant funding through this program:

  • Pine Nut Mountain Trails Association
  • BigHorn Outback Explorers Club
  • Nevadans for Cultural Preservation
  • Friends of Moon Rocks
  • University Medical Center
  • Farmy Offroad Park Inc.
  • Southern Nevada Conservancy
  • Dunes and Trails
  • Nevada Outdoor School
  • Desert Pigs

Our goal for this year is to continue this important work and will be applying for 2024 funding through the Fox Factory Trail Trust Program.